Agriturismo Ertila

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For a relaxing holiday, we invite you to go at the discovery of Sardinia and the "Bittese area.... trekking, horseriding, climbing....

A little adventure, a trip in a wild and natural environment, a journey to ressource yourself.

Horseriding excursion

The host is passionate about horses and nature. With him you will discover the most magical places of the mountains of Bitti for one or several days. Click here for our horse riding tours.


The trekking possibilities are huge and will allow you to find yourselves in complete contact with the nature, the vegetation, the fauna and the multiple perfumes of this wild and natural environnment... a total change of sceneries and a come back to the past on the tracks of our ancesters.


For a completely different view of the natural elements which surrounds Ertila, you can choose to go climbing, of course in total security. Whether you are an expert or whether you want to discover this activity for the first time, we will take you to the natural walls of Tepilora and Preta Orteddu from the top of which you will experience new sensations and discover some absolutely amazing landscapes.

Offroad 4x4 excursion

We can also offer you to go on a 4x4 excursion which will allow you to discover the surroundings and the neighbouring regions of the Bittese. You will be accompanied by our guide which will take you across the most beautiful tracks and landscapes of this fantastic part of Sardinia which extend itself to the seaside.


The seaside and beaches of the regions of "Gallura" and "Baronia" are only 30 km away from the agriturismo. That way you will be able to go there whenever you want to enjoy a relaxing and traditional sunbathing day on the beach.

Local events

Sardinia has remained very traditional and the local festivities have remained alive in the soul of its inhabitants.

You will have the opportunity to see the traditional costumes, musics and danses of Bitti, the typical biscuits prepared for such or such occasion.. the sardinian language daily spoken by everybody... the traditions and values inherited from the diverse colonisations.

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Excursion Center Ertila 
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Agriturismo Ertila - Località Ertila - 08021 Bitti (NU)

Tel e fax: (0039) 0784 414558 - Cell: (0039) 348 5267956 - (0039) 328 299 8314 (English Spoken - Anne-Claire)